is the difference.

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Our world is fluid, connected and ever-changing.  Today's leader,  has to have a vision that fosters innovation, uses technology that engages your audience, and does it with speed.   Vision with the right strategy will sustain the ebbs and flows of societal issues, financial fluctuations, will be socially responsible and build trusting long lasting relationships with your brand, cause or product.


Knowledge is Power

There is so much information, deciding what information is relevant to you is critical.  Izakar will keep you current on the latest thought leadership, trends and data.  This foundation allows you to make an intellectually honest  decision regarding your strategy.  



Make it Make Money

Profitability, sustainability and return on investments is the result of the right strategy, executed the right way, with right people, at the right time.  Once you get all of that right, you have to execute flawlessly with rapid, agile responses to challenges and opportunities. 




Contact us to see what we can do for you. We can help you by giving you free advice or you can join us at a workshop.  By networking with our resources, you can develop these connections.  Chances are we already know somebody you need to know.  Introductions of trust equals speed of actualizing something mutually beneficial.


You get it, but does your audience?
You get it, but does your audience?

People connecting people with knowledge, talent and opportunity. The funny thing is, it actually works.


The opportunity to make technology work for economic development for persons entering or re-entering the workforce is at an all time high.  Izakar will help you or your organization leverage technology. a

Content Development

Our insatiable desire for information, education and entertainment has created a new industry revolving around technology platforms.  Izakar has a special program to help non-resident Fathers enter the content development world. 

Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Real estate has many facets.  You either need it, own it or develop it.  We match people, projects and capital partners for successful developments using state of the age solutions for sustainable real estate development.

Strategy Development

Success is not a secret, it's all in the strategy.  Izakar has many subject matter experts in growth and development of humans and agile organizations and social enterprises.  The right strategy, the right people, doing things the right way at the right time equals excellence.  

Crisis Management

Crisis happens.  We are here to talk, share, and make decisions in open channels across your team, in private groups for sensitive matters, or use direct messages one-to-one.  Be it an individual or an organization, Izakar will use its best efforts to help you get through your crisis.  We specialize in rapid, agile response for individuals, organizations and social enterprises. 

People matter.

Profits, places, programs, productivity and processes are all wrapped around people.  If you or your enterprise don't understand the people you need or impact, you will suffer poor results.  Let Izakar invigorate  your dreams, bottom line or enterprise.